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Eheim 2010 Internal Filter - Strong Internal Filtration

The Eheim 2010 internal filter is suitable for both fresh and salt water aquariums up to 42 gallons in size. It has a pump output of 132 gallons per hour, is 0.087 in volume and uses 5.5 watts of electricity. It is an easy to use filter which has a fixed motor and cable the canister itself is separate, allowing for quick removal from the tank for cleaning and maintenance.

The Eheim 2010 internal filter has a wide-angle output nozzle that can be directed anywhere in a 180 degree arc for maximum water circulation. The built-in diffuser adds oxygen to the water, increasing the health of the aquatic environment.

There is a sponge in the bottom of the Eheim 2010 internal filter for basic mechanical filtering. This sponge collects large debris and slime and needs to be cleaned about once a month to maintain maximum efficiency of the filter. If the sponge becomes too dirty it could prevent the pump motor from working properly, resulting in a shorter motor life and poor quality water.

The sponge in the Eheim 2010 internal filter also acts as a biological filter. Beneficial bacteria will thrive in the sponge environment and are essential for the health of your aquarium. The bacteria will build up over a month or two, and when cleaning the sponge, it is important to maintain the bacteria colonies. Never wash the sponge in tap water as the chlorine can kill the bacteria. Instead, use the water removed from the tank for rinsing off the sponge.

It is better to have two sponges in a filter so that one can stay in place while the other is being cleaned. Since there is a single sponge in the Eheim 2010 internal filter, you can cut it in half so that your aquarium can enjoy the benefits of a two-sponge filter.

The Eheim 2010 internal filter can house a variety of filter media to suit the needs of your aquarium. Absorbtive filters can remove medications and impurities from the water, while chemical filter media can be used to alter the quality of the water to suit the types of fish which you keep.

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