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Eheim 2211 Canister Filter - Proven Reliability

History of the 2211

The classic series of aquarium filters from Eheim have been in production for years. They have proven themselves as dependable performers offering reliability and ease of maintenance.

The Eheim 2211 canister filter is the smallest filter in this series and is a good choice for small to medium size aquariums.

Keeps tanks up to 39 gallons Clean and Healthy

Designed for tanks up to 39 gallons, the Eheim 2211 canister filter has a pump output of 78 gallons per hour and filter circulation of 62 gallons per hour. The volume of the filter is 0.26 gallons and it uses 5 watts of electricity.

The Eheim 2211 canister filter is sure to give you years of dependable service. Although more expensive than other brands, Eheim canister filters last longer and suffer from few breakdowns, making them cheaper in the long run.

Convenient and multifuctional Filter Media are Extending the Capabilities of the Filter

The Eheim 2211 canister filter can be used with many different types of filter media. A mechanical filter such as Ehfimech can be used in the base of the canister.

Ehfimech is a good choice for mechanical filtering. It is made of ceramic tubes which effectively trap large debris and also provide an environment for the beneficial bacteria that are necessary for the health of any aquarium. Ehfimech also serves to agitate the water flow as it passes through the canister, allowing higher layers of media to perform more efficiently.

Other types of filter media that can be used in the Eheim 2211 canister filter include absorbtive filters to remove substances like chlorine and medication residue and chemical filters to alter the quality of the water. Chemical filters are useful to create natural aquatic environments that your fish will thrive in.

Separation by special pads for maximum comfort

Each layer of filter media can be separated with filter pads in the Eheim 2211 canister filter. The pads offer increased mechanical filtering and can be quickly removed for cleaning and maintenance.

Course pads can be used in the lower layers and a fine pad can be used as a top layer in the canister. All pads will function as biological filters once they have been colonised with beneficial bacteria, increasing the efficiency of the filter and the health of your aquarium.

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