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Eheim 2222 Professional Canister Filter - For the Smaller Aquarium

Eheim has been a respected manufacturer of aquarium filters for years. They have one of the widest selections of filters available, allowing you to choose a model which perfectly suits your needs. The square shape of Eheim filters increases their filtering capacity while giving the maximum service life possible. One of the most popular models of Eheim filters is the Eheim 2222 professional canister filter.

The Eheim 2222 professional canister filter is designed for a 40 gallon aquarium. The volume of the filter is 0.6 gallon and the filter has an output volume of approximately 132 gallons per hour. The total weight of the unit is just 10.5 lbs.

This filter has been designed to fit directly to the pump head with a double tap connector which combines shut-off valves, hose connections, and a locking clamp. The ingenious design of the Eheim 2222 professional canister filter reduces the need for extra accessories.

This professional canister filter has the capacity for five different filter media. Filter inserts may be inserted and removed individually, for maximum convenience in maintenance and cleaning.

The Eheim 2222 professional canister filter offers complete flexibility in combining filter media. It is perfect for individual layer combinations as it has the capacity for mechanical, biological, chemical and absorptive filter media -- all available from Eheim as accessories for their canister filters.

Like all Eheim filters, the Eheim 2222 professional canister filter is durable and quiet. It offers dependable service and is easy to install. In the event of any kind of a priming problem, Eheim has a priming tool available as an accessory which can be used on any type of filter to help with this common problem.

One of the great features of the Eheim 2222 professional canister filter is its easy maintenance features. To take advantage of these features, be sure to place the filter in a convenient location in your aquarium. This will give you easy access to the filter inserts, allowing you to clean them and change them as needed.

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