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Eheim 2224 Professional Canister Filter

The Eheim 2224 professional canister filter is the big brother of the 2222 professional canister filter. It has a slightly larger capacity and is suitable for use in aquariums of about 60-70 gallons. The pump output is 185 gallons per hour with the filter circulation of about 135 gallons per hour. The filter volume is about 1 gallon, and the filter consumes just 8 watts of electricity.

The square design of the Eheim 2224 professional canister filter ensures maximum throughput while making cleaning and maintenance as convenient as possible. You can combine a variety of filter medium and each filter inserts can be individually removed for cleaning or replacement.

This filter attaches directly to the pump head using an ingenious double tap connector which is an Eheim innovation. This connector combines shutoff valves with hose connections and a locking clamp, making one of the most convenient filter designs on the market today.

The filter media in the Eheim 2224 professional canister filter is installed with individual filter inserts which have retractable handles, allowing you to individually remove each filter for cleaning and maintenance. You can combine a variety of filter media for complete versatility in your aquarium set up.

The type of filter media that you use depends a lot on your water conditions. The Eheim 2224 professional canister filter allows you a complete choice of filter media, including mechanical, biological, absorptive, and chemical. They can be used in any combination for maximum filtration effectiveness.

Eheim filter pads are made from a special foam material, and their square shape provides the maximum filtration capacity possible. The Eheim 2224 professional canister filter can have up to five filter pads installed.

Like all Eheim filters, the Eheim 2224 professional canister filter is quiet and durable. It is easy to install and maintain, and its compact design offers versatility in placement choices. The popularity of Eheim filters continue strong after many years of producing high-quality aquarium filters.

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