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Eheim 2226 Canister Filter - Power in Aquarium Filtration

One of the top names in aquarium filters is Eheim. They have been manufacturing filters and pumps for many years and have been steadily perfecting the technology so that today, Eheim filters are known for their reliability and ease-of-use.

The Eheim 2226 canister filter is a continuation of that strong tradition, offering quiet, dependable filtering for medium size tanks.

The Eheim 2226 canister filter is designed for aquariums which are up to 91 gallons in capacity. It has a pump output of 247 gallons per hour and filter circulation of 169 gallons per hour.

The filter volume is 1.3 gallons and it uses 25 watts of electricity.

There are several technological innovations included in the Eheim 2226 canister filter which make it one of the easiest filters on the market to use and maintain.

The integrated tap connector has fittings for the shutoff valves, the hose connections and the locking clamp, eliminating the need for separate equipment.

The square design of the Eheim 2226 canister filter gives it a more stable base to sit on while maximizing the filter capacity.

Filter media is contained in removable tray inserts that have collapsible handles for easy access. This tray arrangement allows for flexible use of filter media and convenience when cleaning the filter.

A wide variety of filter media can be used with the Eheim 2226 canister filter. The Ehfimech mechanical filter can be used on the bottom of the unit to trap large particles.

Ehfimech is made from ceramic tubes which have the dual function of trapping effluent and agitating the water flow so that subsequent filter layers act more efficiently.

Other filter media includes biological, absorbtive, and chemical. They can all be used in various combinations in the Eheim 2226 canister filter.

Biological filters are necessary to maintain the health of your aquarium. They harbour beneficial bacteria which break down organic matter that would otherwise poison the aquatic life. It is one of the most important filter media for keeping your fish and aquatic life thriving.

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