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Eheim 2228 Professional - Filtration to the Max.

The Eheim 2228 professional wet/dry filter canister filter is an external filter designed for tanks up to 156 gallons in size. It has a pump output of 273 gallons per hour with filter circulation of 195 gallons per hour. The filter volume is 1.9 gallons and it uses 25 watts of electricity.

There is a lot of technical expertise behind the Eheim 2228 professional wet/dry filter. The design is based on Eheim’s extensive background in aquatic filters, with their many technological breakthroughs in this field.

This pump offers optimum filtration combined with ease of maintenance.

The square design of the Eheim 2228 professional filter has several practical advantages. It provides greater internal capacity for filter media as well as giving a more secure base to sit on.

The filter media containers are the same square shape making them easy to install and remove. The containers come with retractable handles which give maximum accessibility to the filter media.

The integrated double tap combines shut-off valves, hose connections and locking clamp, eliminating the need for separate components.

A variety of filter media can be used with the Eheim 2228 professional  canister filter. The media can be installed in any order thanks to the tray system that holds the filter media.

It is recommended to use a mechanical media such as Ehfimech for the bottom layer of the filter. Ehfimech is a ceramic tube material which has the dual function of trapping large particles and agitating the water flow before passing through subsequent filter media. The agitating motion of the water greatly increases the efficiency of the filter.

Other media that can be used in the Eheim 2228 professional  filter canister filter include biological, chemical and absorbtive.

Biological filters are necessary to maintain the health of your aquatic environment. They harbour beneficial bacteria that break down organic wastes and other toxic material.

Chemical and absorbtive filters can be used to alter the chemical balance of the aquarium’s water to provide a more natural environment for the aquatic life. The Eheim 2228 is a robust well designed filter well in the Eheim tradition

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