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Eheim 2327 Professional External Filter with Integrated Heating

Eheim aquarium filters are well-known for their robust design and efficient filtering mechanisms. The Eheim 2327 professional wet/dry filter with integrated heating is one of their top models, designed for large aquariums of about 92 gallons. It has a pump output of 277 gallons per hour with filter circulation of hundred and 45 gallons per hour. It has a volume of 1.3 gallons and consumes 25 watts of electricity for the pump and 180 watts for the heater.

The integrated heater on the Eheim 2327 professional wet/dry filter with integrated heating provides constant water temperature at all times. Temperature readings are provided with the integrated electronic thermostat with accurate readout assured thanks to a probe which is place directly in the aquarium. The probe is connected to the thermostat and the pump via a separate cable.

Thanks to the wet/dry filter design of the Eheim 2327 professional wet/dry filter with integrated heating, the filter efficiency is improved several times over wet filters. Air is introduced to the filter medium through a separate tube which allows ammonium and nitrates to be broken down up to 70% faster than regular filters. In addition, the exchange rate of oxygen and CO2 is increased due to the specially designed displacement tube.

The water output of the Eheim 2327 professional wet/dry filter with integrated heating produces a wavelike action in your aquarium for greater water circulation and filter efficiency. The filter action is bi-directional which contributes to its increased filtration capacity.

The Eheim 2327 professional wet/dry filter with integrated heating can use various types of filter media to achieve ideal water conditions for your aquarium. All the filters can be easily installed and removed for cleaning and replacement.

Filter media for the Eheim 2327 professional wet/dry filter with integrated heating include biological, mechanical, absorptive and chemical. Each layer of filter media can be separated using Eheim filter pads. The pads provide additional fine mechanical filtering. All Ehiem filter media can be used in conjunction for assuring an ideal aquarium environment

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