Gunther Eheim and the Development of Aquarium Filters



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Gunther Eheim and the Development of Aquarium Filters

The Eheim Company was founded in 1949 by Gunther Eheim. This German company originally manufactured toys, and their trolley buses and cable cars were well-known for their quality. In 1956, the Eheim Company introduced a magnetically coupled centrifugal pump designed for model railways. Gunther Eheim modified this pump for use in his aquarium guide home aquarium to circulate and filter the water.

Previous to installing this pump, Eheim was frustrated with the difficulties in cleaning and maintaining an aquarium. The pump and filter maintained the aquarium water in good condition and improved the health of the fish. After tinkering with the design, the first Eheim filters went on the market in 1962.

Thanks to the Eheim filter, maintaining an aquarium became an accessible hobby to thousands of people. During the 1960s, the number of aquariums in German households increased by a factor of three, mostly due to the efficiency of the new Eheim filter.

Demand for aquarium filters continue to grow through the 1970s, so the Eheim Company closed down their toy division to specialize in aquarium products. They moved to their current facilities in 1980 where they have developed and continue to develop exciting new products for the aquarium industry.

In 1993, Eheim acquired the German aquarium manufacturer Muller + Pfleger, giving them a foothold in both the aquarium and filter fields. Today, Eheim is the leading manufacturer of aquariums and accessories, and their filters remain some of the best available.

Eheim is represented worldwide through a network of distributors and retailers. Eheim products are known for their high quality and reliability, and parts are readily accessible for repairing older units. The popularity of aquariums throughout the world is due in large part to the efforts of Gunther Eheim and his company in developing and promoting aquarium technology.

Now in his eighties, Gunther Eheim is still an active member of his organization. He continues to play a role in the daily activities of the Eheim group of companies and provides an inspiration to all the members of Eheim.

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