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Betta Fighting fish, or Siamese fighting fish

Out of all of the fish in the world, the Betta fighting fish is one of the most beautiful and easiest to care for. The Siamese fighter fish, originally from the rice paddies of Siam, are small, colorful fins noted for their abilities to tolerate small, confined places for short periods of time. These fish are amazingly hearty, which gives new aquarium owners a chance to make mistakes without killing their fish. While some mistakes, such as dumping bleach or other chemicals into the tank, will kill the fish, temperature fluctuations and under feeding will not kill the fish immediately.

The Betta Fighting fish is one of the most aggressive fish in the world, which prevents them from being kept with others of the same species. A male placed in with another male will fight each other to the death, as neither will have any place to hide.

If you are interested in keeping your Betta fighting fish with some Betta fish plants, you have several options. While most of the marketed vases are unacceptable conditions for these fish, Siamese fighting fish can be kept with many kinds of plants as long as they have air to breathe and enough room to swim. In fact, a Betta fighting fish will be extremely happy when given plants and roots to swim around, as long as the two primary conditions are met.

As Betta fighting fish are extremely easy to care for and are very hearty, these fish are excellent pets for young children needing to learn how to responsibly take care of an animal that is dependent entirely upon them. With the proper care and handling, a Siamese fighting fish will live around two years, more if you are fortunate. This allows them to be wonderful fish for the average individual needing a little beauty in their life,

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