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Betta Fish Illness - And What to do About it

As Betta owner it's often puzzling to see the first healthy fish slowly pine away from sickness or parasite infections

The Betta is a highly competitive fish and constantly defending it's territory. When he gets sick his defense drops and often he is killed by members of it's own species. I have seen very dominant males get killed by his own female companion. So treat them in a separate tank.Healthy Betta Fish


When you have a sick Betta fish, the first thing you will need to identify are the symptoms of the illness. Some symptoms include clamped fins, and a lack of appetite.

Clamped fins

Clamped fins can be identified by your sick Beta fish not flaring and holding his fins as close to his or her body as possible. Clamped fins are basically a way Betta fish show that they are unhappy and sick.

Scraping up against plants or rocks

If your sick Betta fish is scraping up against plants and other objects in the tank, it is quite possible that he or she has contracted a parasite. Parasites can be anything from Ich, or white spot disease, to worms that hang off of your Betta fish's body.

How to treat a parasite infection

Parasites can be treated with medicines such as:

Make certain you are positive what parasite is affecting your fish before you dose the tank with the chemicals.Betta Bacteria Care

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Another sign of Betta fish illness is white or odd colored poop. This is the sign of an internal bacteria or parasite. Unfortunately, in many cases, if your fish has an internal problem, it can be fatal. There are medicines within certain types of foods designed to battle these types of problems, and if caught early enough, it can be resolved.

Fungal Infections - Fin Rot

A third sign of sickness is a white, cotton like substance growing on your sick Betta fish. This sign of Betta fish illness is for fungal infections. Fungus, as well as fin rot, tend to be treated with the same medications.

Fin rot and mouth rot can be noticed by black, red or white edges to the fins of your fish, and a noticeable shrinking of fin size. Fin rot, unless treated, can turn into advanced fin rot, and kill your Betta fish.

The best solution of course is to prevent your Betta getting sick in the first place. Read more about good care for your Siamese Fighter Fish

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