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Apistogramma Agassizi - Lovely Dwarf Cichlid

The Apistogramma agassizi, member of the Apistogramma or Dwarf Cichlid family is an easy to keep cichlid from South America. Its natural habitat is in the Amazon region.

As a “dwarf cichlid”, it can successfully live in small to medium sized aquaria. As with most cichlids, the Apistogramma agassizi will only feel at ease when there is plenty of opportunity to hide. It loves a well-planted tank with rocks and wood. When you use a dark ground cover, the fish’s colors look even more beautiful.

These dwarf cichlids live in pairs and they are territory forming. The borders of their territory are heavily defended against all who enter their living space. It’s best to keep only one pair in a tank and don’t keep more than one male specimen. The males tend to be very aggressive towards each other. This can lead to heavy battles, causing stress and the premature death of the losing male.

Water Conditions

Water temperature should be between 67–77 F pH in the 6.0 area and the dH (water hardness) somewhere between 7 and 9 degrees. The Apistogramma agassizi is very sensitive to rotting dirt in the tank, so clean it at least once a week. Even consider a weekly partial water change depending on the rest of the population, the size of your tank and the density of its planting.


As a basic food, I recommend Cichlid sticks although the Apistogramma agassizi will love some live food as well.


When you have a pair that seems to like each other, breeding is fairly easy. As always, the other conditions have to be good, but when that’s the case spawning soon occurs. The eggs are deposited on a covered piece of rock. The care for the eggs and the hatchlings is primarily a task for the female.

Keeping males and females apart is very easy.

The males of the Apistogramma agassizi species are not only more colorful but also bigger than the females. The males grow up to about 3.5" while females remain at about 2.5”.

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