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Apistogramma Borelli

The Apistogramma borelli is a member of the Apistogramma or dwarf cichlid family. This one has its natural habitat in South America.

The A. Borelli will do great in a medium sized community tank. As most cichlids, they are territory forming fish, so it’s best to keep them in a well-planted aquarium with lots of places to hide. The A. Borelli will also be grateful for a dark ground cover.

A. Borellis inhabit their territory as a pair. As long as others stay away from what they perceive as their own, all will be fine and peaceful. Only during breeding will they become more aggressive toward other inhabitants of your community tank.

Water Conditions

A water temperature of 67–75 is great. The required pH is from six to neutral. A water hardness of 4–14 dH is fine. This interesting fish is sensitive to water quality, especially to chemicals that are released in the decay cycle. So, keep the aquarium tidy and make sure you have a good, well-maintained filter in place.


Usually these dwarf cichlids feed great on either good quality tropical flakes or granules plus frozen shrimp and worm foods.


As with the whole cichlids family, this is always very interesting. The pair retreats to their territory and the eggs are deposited in a small cave. The female guards the eggs, but both parents guard and defend their offspring. Like most parents, they have little patience to potential danger to their hatchlings.

The gender of the fish is easy to see. The male is larger, and more colorful then the female Borelli.

The Borellis have a lot of the behavioral traits of the bigger cichlids, but they lack their “sharp edges”. As with most dwarf cichlids, the Borellis are perfect for beginning Cichlid owners, but as you might know from some of my other writing I’m quite in love with the Apistogramma or dwarf cichlid family.

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