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Tetra Tec Aquarium Filters Allow you the Convenience of a Contained Unit

As you probably have noticed during your shopping for aquarium supplies, there is a large variety of power filters on the market today. It can be confusing when you are shopping, with such a large variety. A good quality power filter that is available are Tetra Tec aquarium filters. Tetra Tec aquarium filters are a high quality power filter from a reputable manufacturer.

The Tetra Tec aquarium filters are an advanced filtration system that pumps water through the filter and into the aquarium at an effective rate. 5 gallons per hour are pumped through the filter, maintaining a healthy water supply in your tropical fish aquarium.

Tetra Tec aquarium filters create maximum filtration by pumping water through four extra large Pro II filter cartridges. By pumping water through four cartridges, there is maxium filtration of debris and other waste in the aquarium water.

Before the water returns to the aquarium from Tetra Tec aquarium filters it is exposed to beneficial bacteria will remove the harmful ammonia from the water before it is returned to the tank.

An interesting benefit to the Tetra Tec aquarium filters is that you can create an entire filtration and heating system in one unit. This is possible because the Tetra Tec can accommodate the first external heater that is ever been created. The heater is simply added to the filter to create one contained unit.

Tetra Tec aquarium filters utilize dual density mesh panels for finer particle removal from the water and ultra activated carbon in the filters. The Tetra Tec aquarium filters come in three different sizes with the largest size good for tropical fish aquariums that are up to 100 gallons in size. Tetra Tec filters are an excellent choice, particularly if you are looking for a contained unit.

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