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Kuhli Loach - A Peace Loving Bottom Dweller

The Kuhli Loach or Pangio Kuhli is a member of the Cobitinae or Loaches family.

His natural habitat is South-East Asia. This bottom dweller naturally lives in swallow slow streaming rivers. It hides and lives between fallen off leaves and dirt.

The difference between male and female is not always a simple task. Often the male has the larger breast fin.

This fish grows to about 3 inches long and is a peaceful little guy that is perfectly suited for small as well as larger community tanks. The Kuhli Loach will thrive in tempered light, with a lot of plants available. This little Loach loves to hide during daytime, it usually covers itself with sand (mud and dirt is usually unavailable in our proper tanks). So be careful with sharp edged little rocks in your bottom cover when you plan on keeping this one.

The Kuhli Loach will feel perfectly at easy as a solitaire or surrounded by fellow members of the same species. As I mentioned the are very peace loving creatures and I have never seen any aggressive behavior in any of them.

This fish will get active and will search for food at the end of the day, so around sunset or “lights out” in aquarium terms. For that reason I usually suggest people to have two light sources on their aquarium. Switch off the first one first and the second one later and switch them on in reversed order. That way you emulate the more natural daylight cycle and it will give you a chance to study the way of life of these “night creatures”.

The Kuhli Loach does dig but it will leave the roots of your plants alone. So there is no real threat to your aquarium plants from this one.

This Loach needs a water temperature of 72F to 83F. It has no high demands on water quality. Remember this one lives in the dirt. Because it has learned to take in Oxygen through his intestines this fish can survive in water with very low O2 levels and high N2 and N3 levels.

The Kulhli Loach is the perfect garbage man for your fish tank. It feeds on the leftovers of the other aquarium inhabitants.

There are no known reports of systematic breeding success, although some “accidental” and successful breeding did occur.

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