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Aquarium Lighting

One of the important aspects of aquarium keeping many do not linger on is Aquarium lighting. In order to have live plants, and have the ability to present your fish easily, aquarium lighting is required. Selecting the type of lighting that you need can be tricky, however, as there are different types of bulbs dependent on what you wish to do with your tank.

For freshwater tanks, there are many different types of Aquarium lighting that you can use. The first type is standard bulbs that offer a dim light to show off the colors of fish. These lights are among the most affordable aquarium lighting options available, and have the least benefits. The second type is Fluorescent lights, which are used to stimulate plant growth as well as show off all of the colors of your fish in the best way possible. There are different grades of fluorescent lights available for aquarium lighting, so you will want to consult with your local aquarium supplier on which type is the best for the type of tank that you own.

Marine tanks, particularly reef tanks, require a different type of aquarium lighting in order to be successful. Metal Halide aquarium lighting is the preferred option among marine aquarium owners, as these type of lights provide the glitter effect while allowing even the most sensitive types of coral to thrive. These lights provide brighter, more concentrated light that is required for the salt water environment.

Before you select aquarium lighting, it is important that you understand that the bulbs used in the fixtures will not last forever. If you are planning on purchasing extremely rare bulbs for your aquarium, or are buying lights from a company that is running out of business, you should make certain that you have spares on hand that will last you until you are ready to replace the fixture.

If you need to purchase replacement aquarium lighting, you need to make certain the bulbs will fit the fixture before you purchase it, as many bulbs cannot be returned to the store once opened. With the proper care, you should be able to make the best selection for your aquarium, while making certain you have all of the light required in order to see your fish as easily and clearly as possible.

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