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Aquarium Maintenance.. for aquarium fish need a very controlled environment

One of the most important things that you will need to know is how to perform proper aquarium maintenance. As fish need a very specific and controlled environment to live, knowing how and when to care for your fish and the parts within your tank is a vital part of fish keeping.

Regardless of whether you own a marine or fresh water aquarium, aquarium maintenance is an on going task that shouldn't be neglected or pushed off. The first aspect of maintenance involves taking the time to do weekly or bi weekly water changes. Dependent on the type of tank and fish you own, the amount of water changes and the amount of water changed will vary. When you purchase your fish, it is important to know and understand how often the changes need to occur, as this is a vital part of fish keeping. If you fail to do this, your fish may die from a variety of diseases and problems associated with low water quality.

In addition to water changes, aquarium maintenance involves making certain that all of the parts within your aquarium are functioning properly. The first part you will want to check is your heater. Occasionally, a heater will fail, and the temperature of the water will rise or fall too quickly for your fish to tolerate. By checking the performance of your heater, you can judge when the heater is getting ready to fail and replace it before any of your fish are hurt or killed. The second part you will want to check is your filter. This is the most important part, as the filter controls and regulates your cycle, as well as keep the water quality high between changes. In theory, the more filters you have running in an aquarium, the less often that you will need to do water changes. However, despite a lot of filtration, it is still heavily advised that you change the water at least once a week.

When you work on your filter as a part of aquarium maintenance, you need to make certain that the motor has been cleaned, the filter media has been rinsed in old aquarium water, and that there are no tears or holes in any of the media bags. Maintenance on the motor should be done once per month, while the media should be cleaned when water changes are performed. With enough time invested in maintenance, you should be able to give your fish the best aquarium guide home and health possible in captivity.

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