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Betta Fish, Siamese Fighter Fish

The Betta of Siamese Fighter Fish is one of the most intriguing and interesting fish to keep. As the name suggests is a rather completive creature, males will attack each other violently. This is a No Mercy fight. The loser either have to go or he faces death. Male Betta's in Combat

Don't keep two males in a small tank

Keeping two males is only possible in a larger heavily planted tank larger than about 4 - 5 feet long. Then they can both rule their own kingdom. Anything less is a surefire road to trouble.

The Betta Splendens in the Fish Tank

The Betta Splendens, loves a will planted tanks with a lot of floating green plants or other cover.

  • Well planted tank with a lot of cover.
  • No constant water movement or current
  • A low water level 4 - 6 Inch

You will find the Betta mostly near the surface of your tank, where it uses the plant cover to hide and catch little flies and other insects. Sometimes the will wonder down to the bottom and love a meal of small fish.

Don't keep them with small vulnerable species, or young fry. On the other hand they them selves are because of their large fins often under attack.

The male has a very strong urge to reproduce, and will chase all female in sight. This can be rather demanding on the female Betta's, so always allow for more than one female.

The water conditions are not very important to the Siamese Fighter, it does however need warmth. A temperature in the range of 75 - 85F is ideal.

Key Topics

  • High water Temperature
  • One male plus two or more female
  • Surface temperature should not drop

These fish are surface breathers, meaning they take up oxygen from both the surface air as well as from the water itself. A common mistake, resulting in the "mysterious death" of these fish is the result of a low surface air temperature. They catch a cold. Their are other diseases and illnesses mostly from a fungal or parisite origing

The Fish originate from the rice paddies of South East Asia and are an interesting fish to breed. The breeding process is not so difficult but need some guidance to prevent over enthusiastic males from killing their partner accidentally.

Not a peace loving serene animalMale Siamese Fighter Fish under his bubble nest

As you can tell from the name, Siamese fighting fish love to fight. On account of this, you should not keep males together. Males, if you have never kept Betta fish before, are the lovely fish with the long fins.

These fish love to flare at other males and strut to show who is dominant. While strutting at their neighbor is very beautiful for us to watch, beta fish will kill each other in captivity, as they do not have the ability to run, as they do in nature.

If you want your fish to be happy, they should be separated. If you own several female beta fish, you will need to make certain that you have a reasonably large tank that is heavily planted so that they have plenty of room to hide from each other.

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Asides this, keeping and caring for Betta fish is extremely easy, and extremely fun. With the proper care, you will see these hearty fish live out several years, providing you with color and feisty beauty from day to day.

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