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Cichlids..... an introduction to this wonderful tropical aquarium Fish

Perhaps one of the most beautiful species of fish in the world is the Cichlids. These fish, ranging from Africa and  South America, are brightly colored and range from bottom dwelling algae eaters to hunters with a primary diet of smaller, live fish. Cichlids are a common staple in household aquariums, as they have a lot of the colors and forms desired by many individuals, while being relatively easy to care for.

Cichlids, as a whole, are tropical freshwater fish that enjoy moderate temperatures and stable PH. As there are several hundred different varieties of Cichlids available, there are many different PH and temperature ranges that these fish enjoy. The primary factor you need to remember is that while there is a range they enjoy, the levels need to remain stable to ensure their survival.

Weekly or bi-weekly water changes can help assist with this problem that is associated with most aquariums. Their dietary habits are dependent on where the species originally came from, as well as the type of climate and habitat they were bred in.

On account of this, there are different levels of Cichlids available, from the highly aggressive to the very peaceful. There are also different ranges in sizes available, which allows most individuals to be able to have at least one in their aquarium.

A stereotype that Cichlids that is not entirely accurate is the fact that they are all aggressive. While some of the more common known ones, such as the Red Devils and the Jack Dempsey, are highly aggressive, some of the dwarf Cichlids and smaller species are very peaceful and will school together and be companion fish with other species. When you are selecting your African or South American Cichlids, you should be careful to know their levels of aggression and full size before you make the purchase.

With the proper research, you can have Cichlids from all over the world, including Cichlids from Lake Malawi, and have a beautiful tank that aquarium hobbyists will admire.

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