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Black Neon Tetra
The black neon tetra (Hyphessobrycon herbertaxelrodi) is a neon tetra in name only. The true neon tetra is Paracheirodon innesi so you can see from the name that the two, although both in the characin family, are entirely different species.

The Lemon Tetra
Glassily transparent, the lemon tetra (hyphessobrycon pulchripinnis) could appear to be just a sunbeam flashing through your community tank if not for background elements like plants and driftwood.

Pristella Tetra - also called Water Goldfinch and the X-ray Fish
The pristella tetra (pristella riddlei) is aptly also called the water goldfinch and the x-ray fish. Easily bred and quite hardy, the pristella is distinguished by a black band on its dorsal fin that is bordered by gold and white.

Black Phantom Tetra
The black phantom tetra (megalamphodus megalopterus) is another member of the characin family and displays some very distinguishing characteristics, making it a fascinating addition to the community aquarium.

Neon Tetra Disease
A tiny parasite with a big name causes neon tetra disease, a disease that is named after the species in which it was first recognized.

Cardinal tetra
The cardinal tetra, another member of the characin family is found in the wild in small schools in the tributaries of the Amazon’s Rio Negro and Orinoco Rivers. Cardinal tetras are peaceful fish that get along well with most other fast swimming fish, which makes them a great addition to a lively community tank......

Glowlight Tetra
Among the family of tetras the neon tetra is probably the most commonly known. Yet the glowlight tetra presented in this article is well worth getting acquainted with.

Neon Tetras - Add Sparkle and Flash to your Aquarium
Neon tetras are one of the most popular community fish and an excellent choice for those new to fish keeping. Their purchase size is often under ¾ of an inch and at full size, they reach a big 2 inches in length. If you like color in your aquarium fish

Tetra's - A great choice for nearly every Fish Keeper
Schooling fish which prefer a colony of at least half a dozen in its species, the South American tetra fish are lively and colorful fish that instantly transform any fresh water aquarium into a bright and active community.....

Tetras - Fun and Rewarding Fish for nearly all Fish Keepers
Body shapes range from long and narrow to short and stout. If color is important, there is certainly a tetra that meets your specifications! Cardinal and neon tetras are small, slender fish that are red, silver-white, and blue......

Tropical Fish Keeping is Fun and Rewarding
More and more it is becoming a more popular hobby. Tropical fish keeping is an excellent hobby that is rewarding and enjoyable. If you have children, tropical fish keeping can be very educational as well as an exercise in responsibility.....

Discus Cichlids are Enjoyable and Rewarding Fish to Raise
Are you looking for bright, colorful fish that get along well with other species of fish? Or would you prefer a beautiful fish that is full of personality? If you are looking for fish that are interesting as well as beautiful than discus cichlids are the perfect choice for you......

As a Discus Breeder, you will be rewarded over and Over again
The reason that discus young cannot be separated from the parent fish is because the parent fish secrete a mucus substance on their scales after the eggs are laid and fertilized. ....

Keeping Discus Fish
You may have heard that discus cichlids are a very hard fish to keep in your aquarium guide home aquarium. You may have heard that when keeping discus they are very particular about the water conditions and that they do not get along well with other fish.

Choosing the Proper Discus Food is Essential for Fish to Thrive
Discus fish are by nature, omnivorous fish, which means that they eat meat as well as plant material. It is important to include a mixture of meat and plant material in the discus food. When you go into any fish supply store you will be faced with a vast selection of various types of fish food.....

You will have a Large Variety of Tropical Fresh Water Aquarium Fish to Choose from for your Fresh Water Tank
They are not furry, they are not cuddly, and they do not provide a lot of affection, but despite this, tropical fresh water aquarium fish are very rewarding pets for any household. Tropical fresh water aquarium fish are a lot of fun for both children and adults and they also provide a soothing environment and add interest to any room.....

Discus Fish are a Rewarding Breed with the Proper Water Requirements
Discus fish were first discovered in the 1940’s in fresh water lakes in Africa. Since the ‘40s this breed of fish has been researched more thoroughly and now, more and more frequently there are more hybrids available due to breeder’s efforts....

Discus Care for Breeding Fish is Quite Simple
It is very common that after you successfully raise discus fish for some time, you decide to extend your discus care to breeding these beautiful fish. Or perhaps, with the discus care that you provided you had some unexpected success with breeding your fish already..

A Discus Aquarium can also be aquarium guide home to Other Fish to Create a Community Tank
The most important thing to remember when you choose other fish to live in your discus aquarium is that they are compatible with discus fish. When you are thinking of compatibility you must remember that this applies not only to how well they get along, but also if they require the same water conditions.

Discus Care Requires a few Extra Steps to Ensure Proper Water Quality
Many people will tell you that by keeping a discus aquarium you are asking for trouble. That discus care is complicated and troublesome. This could not be further from the truth! Discus care is not complicated nor is it troublesome; it does however require some special attention.

African Cichlids
When you go to purchase your African Cichlids, you will need to make certain that your tank has been cycled and prepared for the fish species that you are planning to bring aquarium guide home.

African Cichlids for beginners
As there are hundreds upon hundreds of different species of Cichlids in the world, it is important to know what makes good African Cichlids for beginners.

Lake Malawi Cichlids
Lake Malawi Cichlids are among some of the most diverse and beautiful cichlid species in the known world. With well over one hundred different species, the Lake Malawi cichlid is not a specific fish, but a series of different species that co-inhabit the same lake located in the wilds of Africa.

Dwarf Cichlids
If you are interested in cichlids, but you do not have the room for one, you might want to consider investing in dwarf cichlids. These small fish, while members of the cichlid family, do not get to be as large as their cousins. Dwarf cichlids allow you to get the beauty, aggressiveness and grace of a cichlid without requiring a 75 gallon tank to have a few.......

 Acara Rivulata or Green Terror
As the name Green Terror might suggest this is not a peaceful member for a community tank. The A. Rivulata is a medium sized rather aggressive Cichlid, from South America. Males can grow till about 8” Females till about 6” in length.

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